Honey The Bunny
By: Catherine Heuser
I’m a darling bunny,
 I feed on cloves and honey.
 I love to run ‘round and ‘round,
 But hate being chased by that awful hound.
 My life is simple and so sweet.
 I run and scamper in the heat.
 I have no worries or reason to mope,
 For with life, there is always hope.
 I love the winter, when I burrow deep,
 It’s my time to get lots of sleep.
 My coat of fur keeps me warm,
 As I rest inside my dorm. .

 Spring Joys
 By: Catherine Heuser

 The soft rays were shining
 Against the Earth’s sweet face.
 The birds were swiftly floating
 In the sky’s blue lace.
 The wind was blowing softly
 Among the young buds opening,
 The tree bows hanging loftily
 Calling out to the animals sleeping.
 Soon the Earth was lively
 In its warmth unforgotten,
 Animals wander sprightly
 In the Spring begotten
 Spring is here and life is glory clad.
 This is the day the Lord has made,
 Let us rejoice and be glad. 

 By: Catherine Heuser
 Spring is the time when life is anew
 Birds are flying and the sky is blue.
 Flower buds are beginning to bloom
 And the butterflies leave the cocoon.

 Life is warmed by the sun’s bright light,
 Bringing the violets back into sight.
 The grass has turned from brown to green
 And animals awaken to a beautiful scene.
 The spring is welcomed with every line
 And life is gladdened by this time divine.
 Enjoy the season while it’s here
 For it shall not come for another year 
 Winter Chills and Spring’s Kills
 By: Catherine Heuser

 Winter days are cold and gray,
 The ground a glorious white.
 Animals are sleeping on the hay,
 Beneath the stars so bright.
 Some say winter is their time
 Still others prefer the spring.
 They say the winter has no shine,
 But spring comes on wings.
 When the spring arrives at last,
 Still people gripe and grumble.
 They run from things so fast,
 Even the slightest rumble.
 Humans seems to fight and fuss
 And always seems unsatisfied.
 Even with God’s gifts to us,
 Some seem to not be gratified.
 …fasten yourself to His herd,
 For He is the perfect friend. 
 My Friend Kelly
By: Catherine Heuser
 My friend Kelly is most wise.
 She never tells me any lies.
 She is helpful, she is kind,
 But she has a metal mind.
                         ….My friend Kelly…is a computer.

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